Brad House, author and senior executive pastor in a large church with multi-campus set up joins Terry and Alan in this episode to share some insights ...View Details

Kadi Cole, author of "Find Your Leadership Voice in 90 days" joins Terry and Alan in this episode to share her thoughts and insights on leadership dev...View Details

Jim Rudd, church planter and pastor of True Vine Church Community in northeast Philadelphia, joins Terry and Alan for our first ever biographical inte...View Details

Tod Bolsinger, author of "Canoeing the Mountains" and "Tempered Resilience", joins Terry and Alan to discuss how leaders are formed in the crucible of...View Details

John Bradley, founder of IDAK, the career match specialists, joins Terry and Alan for an encouraging conversation about how ministry leaders can disco...View Details

The "Small Church Pastor Guy" joins the podcast for a conversation with Terry and Alan about the validity and value of small churches. Along the way K...View Details

Brian Kluth, National Director of Financial Health for the national Association of Evangelicals joins the podcast for a heartfelt and helpful conversa...View Details

Erin Davis, content manager and Bible teacher for the Revive Our Hearts ministry joins the podcast to discuss the joy and privilege of teaching God's ...View Details

Do you have questions about how to equip elders for your church? If so, then tune in for our conversation with Bob Thune. Bob is the pastor Coram Deo ...View Details

Myron Pierce, pastor of Mission Church in Omaha, Nebraska, joins Terry and Alan for a heart-searching conversation about racial justice and gospel mul...View Details

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