Amy Roedding serves as the Director for the Candidate Recruitment and Development Office. She will speak to our need for new workers both in the Unite...View Details

AJ Gutierrez serves as the Director for Digital Media for the U.S. Alliance National Office. He brings great expertise and provides helpful advice for...View Details

Darrell and Cheryl share their experience as Alliance international workers in some of the darkest and most dangerous places in the world. They also t...View Details

Chris Moles is an Alliance pastor and a biblical counselor who has extensive experience and expertise in dealing with and ministering to those who hav...View Details

Rock Dillaman has led Allegheny Center Alliance Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for 35 years. He talks about urban ministry and how a church shoul...View Details

Matt Hannan served over two decades as the lead pastor of New Heights Church in Portland, Oregon, which has planted over 300 new churches and multi-si...View Details

Daniel Yang is the director for the Send Institute, a think tank for evangelism and church planting in North America. He provides insight into trends ...View Details

Thom Rainer is perhaps the foremost expert in the evangelical world on the subject of church revitalization. Thom observes trends in the U.S. church a...View Details

Mitch Kim shares some of the story of his church—the merger of a Korean congregation with a predominantly Anglo congregation. He talks about some of...View Details

Kelvin Walker tells us about a new effort to raise up non-majority leaders in The Alliance. He discusses the historical significance of his own electi...View Details

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